© Laurel Chokoago
© Laurel Chokoago

Delighted to start again with our workshop program "Decolonize Yourself" in cooperation with schools and MARKK Hamburg.


Interview about our work so far can be found in the magazine Ojalá and ZEIT ONLINE.


April 2023


© Elena Zaucke
© Elena Zaucke

Shooting again as Mira Elani Bruns for the children's series DIE PFEFFERKÖRNER.


March 2023

ARD/Letterbox production

© Robert Benschop
© Robert Benschop

Starting the New Year with my project "Is It Dance?"

a scholarship to archive and document my diverse artistic work.


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland 


February-June 2023


© Elena Zaucke
© Elena Zaucke

„Stories of a taxidriver – autohistoria in mehreren Sätzen zu drei Stimmen“, ist a beautiful collaboration with my father, inspired by feminist scholar, author and poet Gloria Anzaldúa.


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR 





October-November 2022

© Elena Zaucke
© Elena Zaucke

I am part of the jury of the KAIROS Prize endowed by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation. 


July 2022

© Elena Zaucke
© Elena Zaucke

Shooting again as Mira Elani Bruns for the children's series DIE PFEFFERKÖRNER.


July, August 2022

ARD/Letterbox production


premiere of the first two episodes at Filmfest Hamburg

2nd October 2022, 11am

Abaton Kino Hamburg


Two years of practice-led research are coming to an end! BECOMING TURTLE: POSTHUMAN STRATEGIES OF PRACTICE is an artistic research engaging with different temporalities both human and non-human bodies hold, leading up to the performance TIME TURTLE.


17 May 2022

ArtEZ Arnhem, Netherlands

© Elena Zaucke
© Elena Zaucke

Delighted to be part of the children's series DIE PFEFFERKÖRNER. Shooting starts in March 2022 as Mira Elani Bruns in Hamburg! 


An ARD/Letterbox production

March 2022


Staged Reading  "Drissa" by Eva Doumbia as part of Primeurs Festival at Saarländisches Staatstheater in collaboration with LABEL NOIR and Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e. V.


Saturday 20 November 2021 7pm  

Alte Feuerwache, Saarbrücken



*Broadcast date for the radio play "Drissa" with binaural sound (best heard with headphones) 21. November 2021, 5pm Kulturradio Saarländischer Rundfunk, SR2*

© Fenia Kotsopoulou
© Fenia Kotsopoulou

I will showcase my new performance The Turtle That Never Was as part of the festival “The Re-Enactment of Things” in coproduction with COME iN TENT at M.Bassy Hamburg.


COME iN TENT is a non institutional Atelier and network developing decolonisation/ relation practices such as animism* activism* healing* in arts, design, education and curatorship.


Thursday, 28 October 2021 7pm 

Saturday 30 October 4.30 pm and 6pm
Sunday 31 October 4.30 pm and 6pm


More infos here


Supported by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung und Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.


Performing the work “SCHWERBELASTUNGSKÖRPER (Heavy Stress Body)” by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez as part of the project “Territories under my skin” at the project space Changing Room in Berlin.


solo performance

17 June 2021, 7.30 pm

Changing Room Berlin Wedding


Researching "new (old) ways of storytelling" with my fabulous Label Noir colleagues in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin as part of the #TakeCareResidenzen programme funded by the Fond Darstellende Künste.


February 2021

HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin



I am happy to have contributed to the co-curation of the festival “NOCTURNAL UNREST - A feminist Festival for Theory, Performance and Radical Flâneuserie” at  Künstlerhaus Mousonturm with an exciting on- and offline programme.

 20.-24 May 2021. at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm 

© Verena Stenke
© Verena Stenke

"Voicing the Unknown" a durational solo performance.


Created with performance duo VestAndPage as part of my artistic research at Home of Performance Practices, Arnhem, Netherlands. 

January 2021

Home of Performance Practices ArtEZ Arnhem 

*Update: A wonderful radio play with binaural sound is in the making!

Broadcast date: 21. November 2021, 5pm Kulturradio Saarländischer Rundfunk, SR2*


Staged Reading  "Drissa" by Eva Doumbia and moderated discussion with Eva Doumbia and her translator Akilah Silke Güç. Part of the series "Afrodiasporic drama from France" in collaboration with LABEL NOIR and Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e. V.


Thursday 19 November 8pm  [CANCELLED]

Lettrétage Berlin Kreuzberg

© Maxim Gorki Theater
© Maxim Gorki Theater


Label Noir's first movie is on its way! An experiment between theatre and film, based on the play “On Noah’s Blood-Stained Rainbow, We Dance” by Monageng »Vice« Motshabi,  . 

 Watch Trailer here


Premiere 29 August 7.30 pm

Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin

© Laurel Chokoago
© Laurel Chokoago

New workshop program "Decolonize Yourself" with and at schools in Hamburg together with Elmira Ghafoori and Ania Faas in cooperation with MARKK Hamburg.


Interview about our work can be found in the magazine Ojalá and ZEIT ONLINE


August 2020 - May 2021


© Jahrmarkttheater
© Jahrmarkttheater

So excited to start the first rehearsals after lockdown again beginning of July: DAS GUTE, Open Air Theatre in Bostelwiebeck


Nine evenings without complaining and whining.

Four evenings. Eight actresses and musicians. 50 spectators. Together. Of course with the necessary distance and in compliance with all hygiene rules.

Come and celebrate with us!


Premiere: Thursday 30. July, 7.30 pm

Fr. 7 + Sa. 8 August 7.30 pm

Fr. 14 August 7.30 pm+ Sa 15 August 3pm and 7.30 pm

Fr. 21 August 7.30 pm + Sa 22 August 3pm and 7.30 pm

Theatre Bostelwiebeck

© Bert Brüggemann
© Bert Brüggemann

Performing at the beautiful open air theatre in Bostelwiebeck as part of the new play DAS HAUS by Thomas Matschoß.


Ticket sale is running [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID]

Premiere: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 7.30 pm, openAIR 

further dates: 31 July + 1 August, 7 - 9 August, 14 - 16 August, 21 - 13 August each at 19.30 pm

On Sundays 9 + 16 August there will also be afternoon performances at 15:00.

© Kampnagel Hamburg
© Kampnagel Hamburg

Leading a workshop at the Symposium Next Culture during the KRASS festival at Kampnagel Hamburg. The third edition of Next Culture deals with the artistic possibilities of reordering existing power relations. 


Monday 04 May 9.30am–5.30pm [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]

Kampnagel Hamburg, K2

Staged Reading „La Grande Ourse“ by Penda Diouf  and moderated discussion with Diouf and her translator Yasmine Salimi. 

Part of the series "Afrodiasporic drama from France" in collaboration with Label Noir.


Thursday 9 April 8pm  [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]

Lettrétage, Berlin Kreuzberg

© Sophiensæle
© Sophiensæle

I am part of this year's La Dernière Crise - Frauen am Rande der Komik at SOPHIENSÆLE under the direction of Vanessa Stern. It's going to be fun!


Friday 20 March 8pm [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]

Festsaal Sophiensæle, Berlin

© Agat Sharma
© Agat Sharma

Starting 2020 with a wonderful residency of our newly formed TickBoxCollective in Berlin. 


With Agat SharmaCan Bora and Darcey Ball.


January 2020

Thanks to the publishing house and project space Scriptings my first publication Writings is out now!


Berlin, September 2019

© Freya F. Röbbert
© Freya F. Röbbert


Very excited to perform the newly developed solo performance Imagination Office and share video work of H.K. as part of this year's Berlin Art Week


Sunday 15 September 2019 5pm

Scriptings Kamerunerstr. 47, 13351 Berlin


© Robert Benschop
© Robert Benschop

Summer Studios Residency at ArtEZ  –

Thanks to the Home of Performances Practices, Pedro Manuel and Pavlos Kountouriotis at ArtEZ for having me this summer! It was such a precious time to deepen my artistic practice whilst being challenged and supported by and with inspiring fellow artists.


Arnhem, August 2019


© Pallasca Photography
© Pallasca Photography

We have got some beautiful reviews for our show Fall Prettier!

 Find out more here

 Broadway World UK

"They deliver a compelling piece that fuses comedy with the dark and primal story, drawing a jarring comparison between the modern world and its mythical counterpart"

★★★★ Within Her Words

"Bold, innovative and totally ruthless in its mission to tell its story, Fall Prettier is definitely a show you can watch multiple times, taking something different with each viewing."

Performance Workshop as part of this years' Art Peace Project at the University of Hamburg. The plaster cast collection of the University of Hamburg becomes our archive, place of research and stage.


Juli 2019

© Pallasca Photography
© Pallasca Photography

Wet Paint's first full length production is coming to London! Performing Fall Prettier at The Space Theatre 25-30th June.


Find out more about the play and get tickets here.


25th-28th June 2019 7.30 pm 

29th June 2.30 pm & 7.30 pm 

30th June 4.30

The Space Theatre, E14 3RS London


 © ThomasScurr and ©shapesinmotion / Sarah Perry
© ThomasScurr and ©shapesinmotion / Sarah Perry

Thrilled to be part of the Motion Capture Troupe - a Troupe of professional physical performers under the direction of the fabulous movement director Sarah Perry in London.


Check it out:



London, June 2019

© Manja Herrmann
© Manja Herrmann

We are showing our performance Song in Puppet Form as part of the EXPLOSIVE 2019 International dance theatre Festival in Bremen, Germany.

 “Devised and performed by Yasmeen Ghrawi and Zandile Darko this piece draws on movement and text, and is born of a multitude of historical and cultural narratives etched into the genetic coding and ancestral twine of the two performing bodies.”


Find out more here

23 May 2019 Schlachthof Bremen

@ Jann Wilken
@ Jann Wilken

What happens if a right-wing politician loses his voice just before the European Parliament elections? A staged reading of a new script by Jana Burbach (Bad Banks) and Hernán D. Caro together with Sebastian Rudolph und Anne Müller.


Get tickets here.

30 April 2019, 7.30 pm

resonanzraum St. Pauli, Hamburg

© Anja Schäfer
© Anja Schäfer

 Working on a dance duo with the dancer and choreograph Cheikh Omar Preira in Ziguinchor, Senegal.


Alliance Français Ziguinchor

March 2019



© Anja Schäfer
© Anja Schäfer

For the first time conducting a workshop in French! Thanks to the team of ZIG GREEN and the great collaboration with Système-D in Ziguinchor, South of Senegal.


December 2018


Giving a workshop as part of the festival "Politik im freien Theater" together with Claude Jansen in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Munich .

Topic: Cultural institution of the future.

November 20018

© Glynne Steele
© Glynne Steele

 After a fantastic response to our first live outing in May 2018, Wet Paint is bringing a 30 minute work-in-progress sharing of Working Title Medea to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!


7-11 August 2018, 9.20 pm 

Summerhall Edinburgh



© Pallasca Photography
© Pallasca Photography

 Tickets are now available for our production Ur-Medëa at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


7-11 August 2018, 7.45 pm  

Summerhall Edinburgh

© Pallasca Photography
© Pallasca Photography

Excited to have our first live outing as Wet Paint, a new international collaboration between writer, theatre maker and performer Therese Ramstedt and me!

Working Title Medea will be performed at the Arcola Theatre on 27th May, as part of Pennyworth Productions’ new writing showcase PEN.                         


27th May 2018, 6.30 pm

Arcola Theatre

© Dimitar Mitev
© Dimitar Mitev

Beautiful documentation by the Stiftung Genshagen of my work at Elias Canetti Society in Ruse, Bulgaria, where I led the Nomad’s Lab FLUX “On the Threshold of the Future“ in collaboration with the visual artist Eslitza Petrova Popova and the pedagogue and project manager Sandrine Ribeiro.


The complete publication (German/English) can be downloaded here.

A video documentation of the Elias Canetti Society in Ruse, Bulgaria can be found here.

© Michael Pfisterer
© Michael Pfisterer

After sold out shows in june our future-performance "Silmandé" is back on stage!

The protagonist in "Silmandé" is the planet. Post-human beings look back on its history, on the splinterin man’s eye and on the ruins upon which plants are growing into the universe.  A production by and with Hajusom, Ensemble Resonanz, Viktor Marek and Jardin Silmandé (Burkina Faso).

 Friday, October  27th 2017, 7.30 pm

Saturday, October 28th 201,  7.30 pm

Kampnagel Hamburg, K2

© Ricardo Samuel
© Ricardo Samuel

Delighted to be part of the MFA Actor Performer Training Programme at Rose Bruford College in London!

The programme seeks to integrate traditional text-based conservatoire training and phyiscal theatre practices.


October 2017

Our music performance with puppets "Paradise Mastaz"  is nominated for the Fritz-Wortelmann award.

Performing at the Festival FIDENA.


October 5th 2017

Zeche 1, Bochum


© Freya F. Röbbert
© Freya F. Röbbert

 Performing my Solo Performance Ursonate Part I at Atelier Freiraum 1


30th of september 2017  6pm


Atelier Freiraum1, Hütten 87

20355 Hamburg



Playing the goose in "GANS ANDERS" with  "Meine Damen und Herren"Children's theatre with puppets.


June 23rd 2017, 15h Barmbek Basch

Wohldorferstraße 30, 22081 Hamburg

© Hajusom
© Hajusom

Proud to be part of the international festival "Theater der Welt" in Hamburg with our new production Silmandé! 

A future-performance by and with Hajusom, Ensemble Resonanz, Viktor Marek and Jardin Silmandé (Burkina Faso).


Premiere: 1 June 2017, 7pm
2nd and 3rd  June 2017 , 7pm
4 June 2017, 7.30 pm


Kampnagel k2, Hamburg


© Ricardo Samuel
© Ricardo Samuel

An evening of performances hostet by Scriptings


Lost in Representation - Serge Fouha & Jelka Plate

Ursonate Part I - Zandile Darko


Sunday, 5 March 2017  7pm

Scriptings, Kamerunerstr. 47, 13351 Berlin




What is political about political theater? Creating an artistic manifesto together with Ben Sanogo and Farzad Fadai.

Invited by "really useful theater" we are happy to share Hajusoms vision!


save the date:

26th November 2016 Kampnagel, Hamburg

7.30 pm


©  René Arnold
© René Arnold

Moderating an event at the castle Genshagen close to Berlin. I was invited to accompany the fantastic European project “On the Threshold of the Future” as an artistic consultant. Very inspiring to experience the work of the young people under guidance of Be van Vark.

 Find the documentation of the work here


Stiftung Genshagen, Schloss Genshagen

November 2016

©  Lutz Saure
© Lutz Saure

Very happy to announce that we are invited to perform parts of our music-performance with puppets "Paradise Mastaz" at the Festival di Morgana in Palermo.


Museo internazionale delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino, Palermo, Italy


10th and 11th of November 2016

9.15 pm

© Freya F. Röbbert
© Freya F. Röbbert

Performing together with Alina Fishzon at the Neustadt Festival "DRUNTER & DRÜBER". Performances "in between". Come along and be surprised!


Atelier Freiraum 1, Hütten 87 , 20355 Hamburg

Saturday, 17th Sept 2pm & 6pm

Sunday, 18th Sept 3pm

 Our new Hajusom production is on it's way. Be prepared for a posthuman performance in collaboration with the fantastic musicians of the Ensemble Resonanz.


Friday, September 2nd 2016 8pm (premiere)

Saturday, September 3rd 2016 3pm and 8pm


Resonanzraum, Bunker, St Pauli Hamburg




Videostill MyHostel
Videostill MyHostel

Bringing live to the chaotic but good-hearted character of Andy Johnson (lead) in the web series "MyHostel".


Director: Jonathan Behr


 Hajusom is coming to Berlin!


Performing our music-performance with puppets "Paradise Mastaz" in the "Herbstsalon" of the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin


November 28 & 29 2015 

Artistic impulse and panel discussion with Elmira Ghafoori and Dorothea Reinicke at the international conference

"Perspectives of Arts and Cultural Education in Europe".


Akademie Remscheid and Stiftung Genshagen, Schloss Genshagen

November 2015



© Lutz Saure
© Lutz Saure

The true masters of paradise are coming to Stuttgart! We are performing  "Paradise Mastaz" at the Festival "Made in Germany" at Schauspiel Stuttgart. 

November 2015

Leading a Theatre and Performanceproject

Trinational exchange Hamburg/Germany, Epinay-Sur-Seine/Aubervilliers/France and Ziguinchor/Senegal


De-plastify your life! 

worldwide plastic waste - opportunities for action


Hamburg, Systeme-D

September 2015


© Arne Thaysen
© Arne Thaysen

Our Puppet Performance "Paradise Mastaz“  is coming to Munich. Come and see us at Münchner Kammerspielen.


October 2015

Premiered in 2011, "Hajusom in Bollyland" is still showing... we are thrilled to perform again at Kampnagel Hamburg as part of the festival "If we ruled the world: 150 Jahre Hajusom".


November 2014

© Arnold Morascher
© Arnold Morascher

Come and celebrate with us! Hajusom receives the Max-Brauer-Award by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation. Performance and award ceremony at the state opera Hamburg. It is going to be a blast!


September 2014


© Lutz Saure
© Lutz Saure

On tour with our music-performance "Paradise Mastaz"! Next stop: FFT Düsseldorf.


May 2014

© Arne Thaysen
© Arne Thaysen

After our premiere of "Paradise Mastaz" in 2013, we will part of the KRASS Festival 2014 at  Kampnagel Hamburg.


February 2014