"The craft with which the strands of the performance are layered invite the audience to settle in and to question their place of knowing and being. The performer moves slowly across the space, articulate and refined movement pathways in the body supporting the embodiment of image – the undoing, unlearning. The maker’s authorial voice comes through strongly via the distilled and complimentary decisions around form and content. This enables the work that is philosophical in purpose, to be presented with clarity and with space for the audience to enter from a place of deep listening."

Kayla Dougan Bowtell, independent academic, educational consultant and movement practitioner

"In the performance work TIME TURTLE as part of the research Becoming animal: Posthuman Strategies of Practice, the audience is invited to attend to a collection of stories told from both the perspective of humans and animals, some fictitious others real. These elements blend and compose a temporal experience that constitutes from deep listening and the performance of intra-action with materials." 

Mariella Greil 


Concept, PerformanceZandile Darko 

Outside eye, costume: Jelka Plate 

With texts by Bernard Yaw DarkoJelka Plate

Soundscape: Freya F. Röbbert 

Supervision: Fenia Kotsopoulou

External mentor: Nishant Shah 

Video: Daz Disley


Special thanks to Angelina Akosua Darko,

Yaa Julia Darko, Judith Haman,

Claude Jansen, Grethlis Talvik

and all my colleagues at ArtEZ



Premiere: 17 June 2022 at Theatrium ArtEZ University of the Arts, Home of Performance Practices in Arnhem, Netherlands

© Fenia Kotsopoulou
© Fenia Kotsopoulou