© Fenia Kotsopoulou
© Fenia Kotsopoulou

Concept, PerformanceZandile Darko 

Outside eye, costume: Jelka Plate 

With texts by Bernard Yaw DarkoJelka Plate

Soundscape: Freya F. Röbbert 


Special thanks to Angelina Akosua Darko,

Yaa Julia Darko, Judith Haman,

Claude Jansen, Grethlis Talvik

and all my colleagues at ArtEZ


Supervision: Fenia Kotsopoulou

External mentor: Nishant Shah 

Video: Daz Disley







TIME TURTLE premiered 17 June 2022 at Theatrium Home of Performance Practices in Arnhem, Netherlands

Becoming Turtle: Posthuman Strategies of Practice



Becoming Turtle: Posthuman Strategies of Practice is an artistic research engaging with different temporalities both human and non-human bodies hold. Questioning current ways of knowledge production, singular narratives and categories, it is a search for strategies which encompasses a multitude of layered, nuanced and complex temporalities, stories and voices. Engaging in questions around epistemic violence, mislabelling and misplacing of bodies, this research offers empowering strategies of practice to rearrange temporal orientations and frameworks within a movement-based practice-led research. Unlearning and undoing on a physical level are at the centre of the employed strategies of practice which seek to make a different knowledge production possible. Through the exploration of embodying turtles and their stories it proposes a critical rewriting of animal-human relation from a posthuman perspective, formulating the ground for a decolonial approach to artistic processes and academic discourses. 


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