The Turtle That Never Was

Zandile Darko – or should we rather say a turtle? – mediates through different times and spaces, sharing her relations to humans, animals, ancestors and archives. The artist’s imagination is as much a source for stories as encounters with family members and one very specific turtle.

 It all started with colonial objects at the Zoological Museum in Zandile’s hometown Hamburg. Well, it started when she engaged with a specific turtle at the Zoological museum: the turtle that never was…


Concept, performance, text: Zandile Darko

Outside eye, concept, costume: Jelka Plate

Dramaturgy, concept: Claude Jansen

With texts by: Bernard Darko, Grethlis Talvik

Soundscape: Freya F. Röbbert

Special thanks to Yasmeen Ghrawi

Coproduction COME IN TENT


Funded by Kulturstiftung Hamburg and Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg


Premiere 28 October 2021 as part of the festival RE-ENACTMENT OF THINGS

28./30./31. October at M.Bassy Hamburg