Solo performance Imagination Office

Imagination Office takes you on a journey, searching for expressions besides language and categories we use to communicate our values and believes. Zandile Darko shares her personal approach of a transformation process, leading from deconstruction, in which frames of references and categories dissolve, to a decolonization of our minds.

© Freya F. Röbbert
© Freya F. Röbbert

Concept, Performance and Text: Zandile Darko

Dramaturgical Advice: Claude Jansen

Videos, Photos: Freya F. Röbbert

Rehearsed and developed during a residency at ArtEZ Arnhem as part of my MFA at Rose Bruford College, London. Special thanks to Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte


Premiere 15 September 2019 as part of Berlin Art Week 2019 at Scriptings, Berlin.


Zandiles first publication Writings was published as part of Imagination Office in collaboration with the publishing and production house Scriptings.