Next Screening of my video work at Studio für Stimme und Naturschallwandler Hamburg

2nd and 3rd of March 2014. Find out more here.

© Freya F. Röbbert
© Freya F. Röbbert

This is the story about a chair and a performer


Performancefilm (2021)


09:16 Min. 


Part of "Chair Festival 2021",  Theatrium ArtEZ, Arnhem 2021.

© Freya F. Röbbert


The Knowledge of Being


Performancefilm (2019)


05:00 Min. 


Screening Karma Sanctum Cinema, London 2019.

© Freya F. Röbbert


Walking on Glass -

Talk with my Ego

Performancefilm (2019)


18:32 Min. 


Screening Deli Studios, London 2019.

Being Watched by CCTV


live Performance and various Performancevideos 


Deli Studios, London, 2018.



H.K. is an ageless being, inhabiting different spaces whilst always being slightly detached to the environment. In contrast to my other work, the mask fights wordlessly for a position in the world, communicating only through movement. They travel the world since 2015, always witnessed by a camera. 



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