Mastering Perception

What if we could understand animals?

A festival which took place in 2025 in 25 countries. Curated by Zandile Darko this festival brought together leading thinkers and makers exploring themes around interspecies communication. The festival created a framework in which artistic research together with technological innovations and a symposium with various scholars made it possible and created opportunities for an audience to understand animals in a way which was never imageable before.


Animal Human

Communication Device


Zandile Darko created a tool for animal-human
communication which revolutionised the way humans
and animals relate to each other.

Antibody Movement


Welcome to the antibody movement. The antidote to the body with a digital mind. Ctrl-z and relax leave it all behind. We know what you need. Its the thing you always wanted. Remove, undo, in-front and behind. Its so relaxing.


A Movement created by Zandile Darko and artist Anne Fidler in 2020.